About me

Being a young IT student, I have the chance to create things which could change people's everyday lives. For me there was only one way when choosing a career: to learn a profession which is about constant development and momentum and in which my own ideas can be used to help others. With my individuality, I would like to change the stereotypes in the world in connection with informatics. I am open to everything that is new and that can bring changes..


As a member of the Y generation, I found myself in the rapid development of technology, which has fascinated me. I am aware of the continuous trend updates, I can keep up with the world, which passes by a lot of people. I have realized the importance of the social media, I am familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and other similar pages. I know very well the Lean startup principles. For me, it is not money which has the greatest motivational power but rather professional development and acknowledgement.

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Levente Orban